Monday, December 19, 2011

Giving back is what we do...

Giving back to the community is something American Receivable Corporation takes very seriously. Each Christmas season Brad Gurney, Senior Vice President and Pam Rodden, Chief Operating Officer, go shopping on behalf of the company to purchase toys that are then donated to various local hospitals and organization for children.

Over the years the toys have benefited Children’s Medical Center, Toys for Tots, Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce. “Every child should have something under the tree on Christmas” says Brad. “American Receivable has been extremely fortunate in its 32 year history and this is just one small way to help those in our community who might not otherwise have a Christmas.”

American receivable ( provides financing programs for companies experiencing cash flow problems. For over 32 years they have helped businesses large and small find solutions to their financing needs.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Celebrating the Season....

Tiffany Eitel, Vice President of Business Development for American Receivable Corporation and board member of both the Young Risk Management Association and Heroes for Children planned and participated in the holiday fundraising event held December 7, 2011 at Quarter Bar.

Young Risk Management Association ( is a networking organization made up of young professionals in the banking and non-banking financial services industry. Generation Heroes is a charitable organization who provides financial assistance to Texas families of children battling cancer.

American Receivable Corporation ( provides financing programs for companies experiencing cash flow problems. For over 32 years they have helped businesses large and small find solutions to their financing needs.

Proceeds from the fundraising event directly benefit Heroes for Children. (

Monday, December 5, 2011

And the Winner is.....

Pam Rodden, Chief Operating Officer for American Receivable proved no match for the other Dallas Bass’ n Gals participants claiming the coveted first place for 2011 as well as Angler of the Year.

Fishing is a passion for Pam who began her hobby as a young girl. Her early experiences have grown in to a lifetime of fishing. Her first tournament was in 1999 with the Dallas Bass’n Gals where some of her more recent memorable fishing moments have taken place. “The quiet peacefulness of being on the lake and reeling in that perfect bass is something that cannot be described” Pam said. That combined with a close circle of friends and the camaraderie that has developed keeps Pam’s fishing calendar full a good part of the year.

Pam’s dedication to fishing is matched only by her dedication to her position with American Receivable. Pam has been with the company for over 27 years and has seen them through every major company milestone. American Receivable ( provides financing programs for small businesses across the country.

American Receivable Corporation and Rural Electric Services Are two organizations that proudly sponsor Pam as she fishes locally with the Dallas Bass’n Gal.

We congratulate Pam on a truly exceptional season!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Opportunity Within Reach: A World Series Story

The story of our Texas Rangers is well known. And the battle that was the 2011 World Series still is with us. It is a reminder of opportunities lost, but found again.

“We had the good fortune to be able to attend Game 6 of the World Series in Saint Louis,” Brad Gurney said. Brad is Senior Vice President of Business Development for American Receivable. Brad and Jack Stieber, President of American Receivable, were at Game 7 along with several others.

“The game was exciting but a heartbreaker, too,” Brad continued. “Just like in business, we are presented with opportunities and sometimes they work, like Josh Hamilton’s 10th-inning homer, or don’t, such as Nelson Cruz’ missed catch,” he said.

Business, like sports, is a contest of skill and endurance. At American Receivable we can help you endure the financial pressures while you practice your skills of your business.

“We enjoyed the game, but would rather have had a different outcome,” Jack said. “But like in business, we saw the good and the not so good in one day. But we reveled in the great season the Rangers had, but always hope for next year.”

If you are looking for the rest of a team to help fund, guide and manage your business, call Jack, Brad or any of the other American Receivable team at 972-404-4726 or visit our website.

The American Receivable Team

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meeting Current and Future Clients and Prospects: The 2011 Med Ventures Trade Show

It is a premier event for the medical technology industry in North Texas. The North Texas Enterprise Center for Technology ‘s (NTEC) annual MedVentures trade show and conference brings together the best and brightest in the burgeoning medical technology industry in North Texas.

“This regional early-stage investment and educational conference gave us a chance to see first hand the emerging medtech companies in the DFW Metroplex,” Brad Gurney said. “We wanted a snapshot of the potential winners in this growing sector,” he said.

Brad is Senior Vice President of American Receivable, a North Texas leader in factoring and receivable investment. Brad, along with American Receivable’s VP of Business Development Tiffany Eitel, attended and exhibited at the event. The show and conference were held October 6 at the Frisco (Texas) Convention Center.

“This one-day conference gave us the opportunity to see a number of potential investment opportunities all in one place,” Tiffany said. “We were able to have a number of substantive conversations with potential targets as well as with investment partners.”

MedVentures is an annual conference held in North Texas. American Receivable is an owner-managed financial services company that provides alternative financial options, including factoring, to small- and medium-sized companies seeking capital to grow and maintain their businesses. For more information, contact Brad, Tiffany or any of the other members of the American Receivable team at 800-297-6652.

The American Receivable Team

Friday, October 7, 2011

Giving Back: The Heroes for Children 5K Run

Heroes for Children held their annual 5k run September 24th at the Shops of Legacy. American Receivable’s own Tiffany Eitel was this year’s children’s entertainment chairman for the event. This was Tiffany’s third year as a member of Heroes for Children organization.

"This event is such a positive experience," Tiffany told us. "From the time we start to plan until it is over, we work hard, but enjoy every minute. It is a great way to give back to the community," she said.

Heroes for Children provides financial support and other assistance for families of children battling cancer. The organization was founded in memory of Taylor Anne Brewton and Allison "Allie" Leigh Scott, who both passed away from Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

The 5K run is one of the largest fund raisers for the organization each year. This year's event raised over $54,000. Other events throughout the year include Heroes and Handbags, the golf classic and golf-a-thon and Hold 'Em for Heroes.

The letters of the name of the organization stand for an importnat element of their call to service:
H: helping families affected by childhood cancer
E: engaging the community in our mission
R: responding expediently to requests for assistance
O: operating a fiscally responsible organization
E: enabling families to focus on the most important part of the treatment--the child
S: Serving children treated in Texas hospitals

Thank you Tiffany for taking such an involved and active role with Heroes for Children!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Giving Back: American Receivable Serves Dinner at Dallas’ Ronald McDonald House

It is a simple thing to do: take a few hours to do something for someone in need. That’s what the American Receivable team did recently for the families at Ronald McDonald House.

And all it took was some hot food, a few hours and smiles.

“We had a great time and feel we did some real good,” Anne Capps said. Anne is Vice President of American Receivable, a North Texas financial service company. “There is nothing like helping others.”

Anne came up with the idea of serving dinner at Dallas’ Ronald McDonald House after a similar experience with the Addison Rotary Club. As a member of that group, Anne arranged for food, coordinated with RMDH and made sure everybody showed up. Oh, and she also dished up the main entrée.

Ronald McDonald House is a nationwide charity that provides housing, food and other support for families with a child ill and in need of extensive medical treatment. Meals, sleeping quarters and other support are provided for little or no cost in the facilities built by charitable donations and supported by an army of volunteers.

“Giving back is really important to our company, Jack Stieber said. “We have enjoyed some success, so we do something for several organizations each quarter to share in that success, he said. Jack is president of American Receivable and a long-time supporter of charitable causes and organizations in Texas.

On this particular night, Jack and Anne not only brought their coworkers, they brought several generations of family and friends to help out. Jack’s mother and daughter and several friends were doling out the chicken spaghetti, salad and cookies to the 15 families who enjoyed the catered dinner. In the background, a team of Dallas Junior Leaguers prepared the next morning’s breakfast.

“Ronald McDonald House is a favorite of mine and I thought it fit well as a ‘mission’ for our team,” Anne related. “When you see those faces, it really makes you feel great.”

For more information about Ronald McDonald House and American Receivable, please visit their respective websites or call American Receivable at 800-297-6652.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The People Who Work Here: Pam Rodden

Our own Pam Rodden knows the factoring business well. She also really knows fishing, and that is another story.

It's a good story, one that a national bass fishing publication took notice of, too. The national Lady Bass Anglers Association August newsletter profiled Pam. The story appears here and can be found through this link as well.

Pam Rodden of Mesquite Texas grew up fishing around small farm ponds with her parents. Her earliest memories go back to when she was 6 or 7 years old. Those early experiences, have grown in to a lifetime of fishing. Her first tournament was in 1999 with the Dallas Bass’n Gals where some of her more recent memorable fishing moments have taken place. One that stands out strongly was the year she won big bass and big stringer of the year!

Pam’s two favorite lakes are Lake Fork and Lake Sam Ray-burn. Two great Texas bass lakes known beyond the state borders for being home to some really big bass. If you have ever fished with Pam you will know when she is getting ready to set the hook. She goes into this on point stance as the first indication of a bite and once she starts the hook set, it would be wise not to be too close as you will probably end up in the water.

American Receivable Corp and Rural Electric Services Are two organizations that proudly sponsor Pam as she fishes locally with the Dallas Bass’n Gals as well as when she fishes the LBAA on various lakes across the country.

When asked about her thoughts on the LBAA, Pam was quick to say “I see the LBAA getting bigger and better every year.”

Congratulations, Pam, on your fishing career. And thanks, too, for being a big part of American Receivable's success.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hiring the Experienced Worker: Barbara's Story

Barbara had already had one career when she came to our company. An invaluable executive assistant and manager for several long-term Dallas companies, she had worked hard to help establish and run several companies in a near 60-year career.

Barbara had more than earned her retirement. But she had other ideas.

Instead of finding a chair and a good book or puttering in her garden, Barbara came when we called. We needed someone here at American Receivable to answer phones, square up our filing systems and generally give us some much-needed relief.

American Receivable provides factoring and credit services for a number of companies in a variety of industries and has for over 32 years.

“We really needed administrative support help,” Anne Capps said. Anne is Executive Vice President at American Receivable, and utilized Barbara’s talents a great deal. “And Barbara was available and willing to jump in and help.”

Barbara came out of retirement and worked another 10 years with American Receivable before re-retiring again this last month.

“She was actually pretty indispensable and will be hard to replace,” Anne said.” It goes to show you the value of the veteran worker to a company. Barbara’s experience, even in a part-time capacity, saved us time, money and kept us on track”

Even in retirement Barbara volunteers for the Austin Street Shelter, gives hours each week to her church and heads up her neighborhood watch program just to name a few. Staying active is important to Barbara and it certainly shows.

Thanks, Barbara, for your service to our company and for setting a great example (and for letting us set a good example, too).

For more information about American Receivable, visit our website or call 972-404-4726.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pam Rodden makes the LBAA finals and heads for Kentucky...

Our own Pam Rodden made the final cut of the Ladies Bass Anglers Association (LBAA) this past week on Tennessee's Old Hickory Lake and will be heading to Kentucky for the finals
October 6-8.

Tournament fishing is extremely challenging and competitive but proved no match for Pam. Her dedication and patience paid off. Conditions were perfect for the tournament but expertise is what put pam in the finals.

Congratulations to Pam and all the other Ladies Bass Anglers. Best of luck in the finals, we hope you capture the title!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Going the Extra Mile With Your Clients

Communication is the foundation to any good relationship. Nothing replaces good old face-to-face interaction.

Recently Jack Stieber, President of American Receivable, and Anne Capps, Executive Vice President, took a day away from their Dallas office to visit their clients in Houston.

“Visiting a client in person and seeing things first hand is very effective,” Jack said. “It is the best way of knowing just how things are going with a client, their business and their client relationships,” he said.

American Receivable works very closely with their clients and has for over 32 years. The company provides factoring and credit services for a number of companies in a variety of industries.

“Clients are what drive our business. The single most important part of our relationship with them is knowing that their needs and expectations are being met” said Anne Capps.

“While it helps us serve them better, it also gives us the chance to lead by example so they will develop the same kind of relationship with their clients,” Anne said. Link
Companies experiencing cash flow issues benefit from American Receivable’s factoring program in a variety of ways. By factoring, companies can meet payroll, purchase supplies and equipment or simply use the cash to pay ordinary business and operating expenses.

For more information on factoring, contact Anne, Jack or the rest of the American Receivable team at 972-404-4726.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Serving the Children: Ronald McDonald House

Being a good citizen is a great foundation upon which to build being a solid business person. Our experience is that business people need to balance their business with their family life and supporting the community.

Our own Anne Capps demonstrates this with her commitment to her Rotary Club.

“I’ve been very fortunate to be a part of a great group, the Addison (Texas) Breakfast Rotary Club,” Anne told us. It is a great service organization. We have chosen Ronald McDonald House of Dallas as our main charity.”

Anne is Executive Vice President of American Receivable. American Receivable provides small businesses with the financial resources they need to grow, increase inventory, make payroll on time, and effectively compete in the marketplace.

Recently Anne accompanied her Rotary colleagues to Dallas’ Ronald McDonald House to serve dinner. Volunteering to provide and serve a meal at the house is something groups, businesses and individuals can do for three meals a day, 365 days each year at the House.

“Ronald McDonald House is a place for families of critically ill children to stay while their child is seeking treatment,” Gracie Thompson of the events staff told us. “They can stay here for little or no charge and know there is hope,” she said.

Dallas’ Ronald McDonald House was founded in 1981 and opened their new, 59-room facility in 2009. Built and run entirely with donations and volunteers, the facility is haven for children from toddler age to 18 who are seeking treatment. The atmosphere is decidedly upbeat and the positive energy comes through from both staff, volunteers and families alike.

“This is a place of hope,” Gracie continued. “At night there is a beacon that shines from our tower that can be seen from each major children’s hospital in town. That helps those children who are patients not feel afraid or alone.”

On the night they served dinner, Anne’s Rotary group fed over 50 people. She and her 12 volunteers worked hard but it was well worth the effort seeing the grateful expressions on the faces of those they served.

“Ronald McDonald House is a special place to us,” Anne said. “It is a great cause and a wonderful experience for us.”

For more information on what American Receivable and Rotary do and to hear more stories about community service and solid business practices, contact Anne Capps at 972-404-4726.

The American Receivable Team

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doing Lunch for a Valued Client

It is a simple thing to to do: buy your client lunch. But it gets a bit more complicated if you do it for a whole company.

But it can be really rewarding, too.

Not long ago, Brad Gurney and Anne Capps of our staff took lunch to one of our long-time clients. We wanted to say thank you to them and give them a well-deserved treat. Little did we know it would take most of a day.

Our client, Fred, is CEO of a small manufacturing firm here in North Texas. He treats his staff like family and they are intensely loyal in return. But they don’t get to take a break and have lunch or get to do it together all that often given the nature of their business.

(Because of the private nature of our industry and work, we are not using our client’s real name to protect him)

So Brad and I ordered up pizza and drinks for the staff and headed over. Our plan was to sit on the phones and man their computers while the staff enjoyed a quiet meal amongst themselves in the company break room.

We thought it would take about an hour and a half. It took 4 hours.

And Fred insisted we eat with them.

But it was a time enjoyed and appreciated by all. Our gesture was appreciated and deserved by our client. It was a simple gift we gave to them and didn’t cost all that much. And well worth the time.

Fred’s business runs on customer service and so does ours. For more information on what we do and to hear more stories like Fred’s, contact Anne Capps at 972-404-4726.

The American Receivable Team

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Joining the 40 Gallon Club

Think about it: how long would it take you to give 40 gallons of blood a pint at a time?

Try 25 years.

Our own Brad Gurney did just that. For the past 25 or so years, every 6 weeks, Brad has given the maximum amount of blood he can to the local Dallas blood bank. In fact, he’s been giving for so long, the name of the organization has changed several times during that span.

“It’s now called Carter Blood Care,” Brad told us recently. “When I started giving I gave because I have a rare blood type, O Negative.”

“I never realized that I would be giving so much or for so long,” Brad said.

It is quite an accomplishment and an important one. Since the average car accident victim can require as much as 100 pints of blood, it is important to have the blood supply at the ready.

“Every two seconds in America, someone in the US needs blood,” Brad added. “And of the 300 million US citizens, less than 10 million of us give blood in a year. This compares to the 5 million patients who need blood each year. We could fall short.”

We’re proud of Brad’s accomplishment and his work as a first responder. If you would like to learn more about giving blood, please visit the Carter Blood website or give us a call hear at American Receivable (972-404-4726).

The American Receivable Team

Friday, June 3, 2011

Room with a View

We all know even the smallest details make the difference, especially when it comes to our surroundings. Our client, Mark, knows all too well that meticulous taste and an intuitive sense of style help too.

For over 10 years, Mark has provided artwork and decorative items to some of Dallas’ premier interior design retailers. His knowledge of scale, design and texture has made him an innovator in room décor and has helped establish he and his company across the country as the “go-to guy" for over-the-top designs.

Recently Mark developed an idea of structuring whole room concepts for some of the country's largest relocation specialists and national retailers.

The idea clicked.

But in order for his idea to get off the ground, Mark had to have financing as well as moral support. That's where we came into the picture.

"While Mark had a great idea, he had few options when it came to financial backing," Anne Capps said. Anne is Executive Vice President of American Receivable, a North Texas factoring company and a partner of Mark's.

"We were able to leverage some of his outstanding receivables to give Mark the cash he needed for his inventory," Anne continued. "Within 30 days he had a neww line for his company."

Mark's portfolio consists of hundreds of framed pieces of art, rugs, and nick knacks that are virtually interchangeable and that create the perfect home away from home for employees that are in temporary corporate housing.

And he’s not stopping there: Mark is putting his signature on his own framing designs and textiles that he hopes to market this fall.

The American Receivable Team

Monday, May 16, 2011

Morphing Your Business

To keep your business healthy and successful (and growing), keeping track of trends is imperative.

Now, this isn't to say you have to always follow the latest and greatest "thing" out there, but you should change your business over time to ensure its success. There are few businesses that are around today that were 50 years ago that didn't change. For example:
  • General Electric started out as an electric-light company and has since changed into a multi-national consulting and multi-faceted business offering everything from financing to manufactured products.
  • Hewlett-Packard was once a provider of calculators and technology, now sells PC, printers and offers business consulting.
  • Microsoft once was just a provider of software, now they are a leading competitor in the on-line services world.
  • Apple was once Apple Computer and produced computers; now they are a multi-media provider of music, MP3 players as well as computers and products to integrate technology into our everyday lives.
  • Nike started out as the maker of waffle-soled running shoes; they are now the provider of everything from golf clubs and equipment to hockey, running and other sports gear.
The trick is to see things just ahead and flex as your markets either change or new ones surface.

The American Receivable Team

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Volunteerism and the Young Professionals

Earthfest is a worldwide in-service day focused on making our planet a better place to live. Our own Tiffany Eitel participates in their events regularly.

"The Young Professionals group I serve with participated in Earth Day," Tiffany said. "Our program was a great way to serve the community and planet, while getting together with people in my network."

The Young Professionals' goal is to give back 1000 hours of volunteer time in 2011. They started with Earthfest, a street fair celebration of Earth Day. A wide variety of activities were held in Downtown Dallas at Pegasus and Pioneer Plaza The annual festival, marking Earth Day, included live music, face painting, balloon artists and and other fun activities.

YP volunteers also participate in a range of cleanup activities. In 2010, YP members were assigned to a local Dallas elementary school and assisted with trash clean up around the campus, re-painted playground equipment and planted flowers and bushes. Donning outdoor attire and gardening gloves, the YPers improved the look and feel of the school, enhancing the environment for students, teachers and parents.

For more information, contact Tiffany in our offices at 972-404-4726.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Being a Good Corporate Citizen

One thing that sets American Receivable apart from our competition is our commitment to community service. The various organizations to which we give our time impact the lives of people right within our community.

Here are just a few of the items on our spring calendar:

Tiffany Eitel, our vice president of business development, worked tirelessly in March as a board member for Generations Heroes, the Texas Tech University Alumni scholarship fund, and Heroes for Children. Both charities specifically target families affected by childhood cancer and assist in a number of ways including family support, community awareness, and fund raising. The Texas Tech Alumni Association helps make scholarship dollars available to students in need through various fundraising activities during the year.

Executive Vice President Anne Capps began work on this years Addison Rotary Open, benefiting the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. She will be auction coordinator for the open, the annual golf outing fund raiser for the club. In addition to those duties, Anne serves on the Addison Rotary Foundation Board and is active with the Women’s Finance Exchange. The Finance Exchange's events benefit the Dallas Women’s Foundation.

Last year the Addison Rotary raised and donated in excess of $220,000.00 as a result of its annual golf tournament. They hope to meet and exceed this amount with the 2011 event.

The Women's Finance Exchange donated thousands of dollars in 2010 from it’s tournament. In addition, through its program “Attitudes and Attire”, they have provided clothing and accessories to women re-entering the work force.

Brad Gurney, Senior Vice President, updated his First Responder Certification for Collin County and the surrounding area. Brad is on call for various disasters both natural and man made. Brad is also our main representative to the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce. Brad's work at the Chamber includes work with the Business of the Year committee, the Ambassadors and the Lots O Leads group.

We're proud of our team and their contribution to the community. Being a good citizen is a big part of who we are as a business.
The American Receivable Team

Monday, April 18, 2011

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Good things happen when you least expect it and it did recently--for us and a new client.

A few weeks ago we were introduced to a potential client in the industrial moving business. They just weren't satisfied with their current lender. Despite the fact that the company was making a profit and had more than sufficient collateral to cover their small loan, the bank they were doing business with just wasn't listening to them or simply wasn't interested.

One phone call from us and a visit to their facility changed this company's future.

During our visit we learned that not only were they a 31-year-old company but a certified women-owned business as well. They had taken out some financing shortly after 9/11 to keep the doors open and keep their employees on board. Now almost 10 years later they had become profitable again, taken on a number of new contracts, had equipment that was free and clear and had all but paid the bank off. Yet when they approached the bank for additional services they were given the brush off.

After starting work with us, within a week we had:
  • Paid off the bank
  • Factored a few accounts receivable to increase their cash
  • Gave them a new lease on life

For us it was a perfect fit and a great opportunity to really help this business. For our client, well, we were their silver lining.

The American Receivable Team

Monday, March 21, 2011

Going, Going....Gone Fishin'!

For years Pam Rodden, COO of American Receivable Corporation has longed for the wide open Texas lakes and the promise of "Big Bass". Her dream came true this past week as she was named runner up amature in the Ladies Bass Anglers Associaton, Sam Rayburn tournament.

Glorious weather Thursday made for perfect fishing conditions and for the start of the tournment. Pam, paired with a seasoned professional caught her limit and weighed in an inpressive 7.69 lbs of bass beauties. Friday, day two of the tournament again brought perfect conditions and a new angler professional as Pam's fishing partner. The lake and the participants proved no match for Pam. Hooking 10.08 lbs, Pam sealed her spot in tournament history. Great job Pam!!

Congratulations to Pam and all the other Ladies Bass Angler Association participants. Everyone's a winner in our book!!!

To read more about Pam and see pictures and other highlights go to:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Testing, 1-2-3

Most of us take our automobiles for granted. They get us from point A to point B with, hopefully, little or no trouble. We never stop to think about all the various parts that make up our autos. One struggling company in the south does.

If it’s on a car or truck it has the potential to break at some point in time. Our client, Bob, runs an automotive testing service. He knows just about each and every model of the vehicles on the road today and tests them one at a time for the various manufacturers. From tires to light bulbs, Bob’s seen and done it all.

(Because of the private nature of our industry and work, we are not using our client’s real name to protect him)

Bob had a huge opportunity to work with one of the U.S.'s largest automotive manufacturers. But because he was still too new of a company for a traditional bank loan, he was unable to secure the financing to engage this large client and grow his business.

American Receivable was able to step in once Bob was awarded the contract and not only provided them the factoring they needed, but helped him establish a solid payment history with his vendors by making timely payments. With our help, Bob was able to expand his testing service to several areas of the U.S. and has become one of the “go to” companies for most of the new and aftermarket automotive equipment manufacturers.

So, the next time you get in you car or truck, look closely and know that Bob has done his job.

For more information, contact American Receivable at 972-404-4726.
The American Receivable Team

(Because of the private nature of our industry and work, we are not using our client’s real name to protect him)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Financing the Friendly Skies

When it comes to airplanes and air travel, most of us are still amazed at how something so huge could so gracefully navigate the skies. We take it for granted that these metal objects operate properly on command.

One American Receivable client knows otherwise.

Roger has serviced planes and plane engines for over 30 years. He knows first hand just how critical proper maintenance and repair of this equipment can be. Roger had been factoring his accounts receivable with American Receivable for a couple of years when he had the opportunity to expand his service with one of his largest customers to their overseas location. Not wanting to miss the opportunity Roger called American Receivable to see what could be done.

(Because of the private nature of our industry and work, we are not using our client’s real name to protect him)

American Receivable reviewed his contracts and gave Roger the green light to head overseas. They were able to structure their program with Roger in a way that would give him the cash for expenses he need to get started and to later provide him with the factoring with which he was accustomed.

Thanks to the partnership between finance professionals and airplane maintenance professionals, you can feel safe knowing the friendly skies are a little safer thanks to Roger--and American Receivable.

The American Receivable Team

Friday, March 4, 2011

Factoring Q&A

We recently sat down with our president, Jack Stieber. Jack is the President of our 32-year-old company and a veteran of financing options is a credit-tight world.

Q&A: What is factoring?
Jack: Factoring is the process by which a company and a third-party use receivables (unpaid invoices) as a leveragable source of income.

Q&A: Is this a legal practice?
Jack: Yes, it is and a legal and regulated source of legitimate cash flow for a company.

Q&A: How do I get the process started?
Jack: You seek the counsel of a reputable receivables firm like American Receivables.

Q&A: How soon can I get my money?
Jack: In as few as three days.

Q&A: Do I have to undergo any underwriting or any of the processes that banks put me through?
Jack: Yes, but it is a bit different—receivables companies actually investigate your customers to see if they are credit worthy.

Q&A: What about investigating me?
Jack: Yes, to some degree. We are going to do a character reference on you to see if you measure up as a potential customer first before we start the process on your customers.

We hope these few ideas get you starting to think about how you can finance your business. For more information, please give Jack or our team a call at 800-297-6652 or visit our website,

The American Receivable Team

Friday, February 25, 2011

Being Too Good

While many business people claim their employees as family, doing so can cause problems in the survival of the company

“I not only wanted to have a successful company,” Fred said. “I wanted to have happy, thriving employees. But costs got out of hand and I soon found us all in red ink,” Fred continued. “I had to find a solution that was a win for everybody involved.”

Fred’s 30-year-old manufacturing services company is well known in his industry by not only his customers but by his suppliers.

(Because of the private nature of our industry and work, we are not using our client’s real name to protect him)

“Cash flow management was Fred’s issue,” Anne Capps said. Ms Capps is Executive Vice President of American Receivable ( “Making sure everyone is fairly compensated and paid on time is a tall order,” Ms. Capps continued. “We helped Fred find a middle ground that pleased most everybody, yet allowed him to continue to do business and pay his people and suppliers.

Working with Fred, American Receivable helped him manage his cash flow by monitoring salaries, working payment deals with debtors and vetting potential customers on their creditworthiness. Their relationship has gone on for nearly 20 years now.

“Anne and her team did more than factor my receivables,” Fred said.” They helped me with my whole operation so that the cash they did come up with was spent carefully.”

For more information, contact American Receivable at 972-404-4726.

The American Receivable Team

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Success Story: Making a Dream Come True

Opening and running a home for mentally challenged adults is a large undertaking just by itself. Add in financial hurdles and it becomes monumental.

Others would have given up, but not our client. “Sue” knew better.

“It was my dream to open the first home I had 12 years ago,” Sue said. “No bank would even look at me. But using receivables as collateral became my saving grace,” she said.

(Because of the private nature of our industry and work, we are not using our client’s real name to protect her)

Sue is a former social worker who wanted to open a group home for mentally challenged adults. She is more than qualified to do the work. However, she had no cash, little credit and no assets to speak of. Banks wanted no part of her.

“We chose a different strategy for Sue,” Anne Capps said. Ms Capps is Executive Vice President of American Receivable ( “While she had few accounts receivable we could leverage, she did have a contract from the State of Texas. That was our best shot at getting her the cash she needed to get set up,” Ms. Capps continued.

Working with the State, American Receivable turned the contract into a bill that required payment. Receiving payment on the note put cash into Sue’s coffers and allowed American Receivable to help her manage her launch.

It worked and 12 years and 8 houses later, Sue is running thriving—and necessary—business.

“I wouldn’t have succeeded without the trust and skill of Anne and her team,” Sue said.

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The American Receivable Team