Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hiring the Experienced Worker: Barbara's Story

Barbara had already had one career when she came to our company. An invaluable executive assistant and manager for several long-term Dallas companies, she had worked hard to help establish and run several companies in a near 60-year career.

Barbara had more than earned her retirement. But she had other ideas.

Instead of finding a chair and a good book or puttering in her garden, Barbara came when we called. We needed someone here at American Receivable to answer phones, square up our filing systems and generally give us some much-needed relief.

American Receivable provides factoring and credit services for a number of companies in a variety of industries and has for over 32 years.

“We really needed administrative support help,” Anne Capps said. Anne is Executive Vice President at American Receivable, and utilized Barbara’s talents a great deal. “And Barbara was available and willing to jump in and help.”

Barbara came out of retirement and worked another 10 years with American Receivable before re-retiring again this last month.

“She was actually pretty indispensable and will be hard to replace,” Anne said.” It goes to show you the value of the veteran worker to a company. Barbara’s experience, even in a part-time capacity, saved us time, money and kept us on track”

Even in retirement Barbara volunteers for the Austin Street Shelter, gives hours each week to her church and heads up her neighborhood watch program just to name a few. Staying active is important to Barbara and it certainly shows.

Thanks, Barbara, for your service to our company and for setting a great example (and for letting us set a good example, too).

For more information about American Receivable, visit our website or call 972-404-4726.

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