Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The People Who Work Here: Pam Rodden

Our own Pam Rodden knows the factoring business well. She also really knows fishing, and that is another story.

It's a good story, one that a national bass fishing publication took notice of, too. The national Lady Bass Anglers Association August newsletter profiled Pam. The story appears here and can be found through this link as well.

Pam Rodden of Mesquite Texas grew up fishing around small farm ponds with her parents. Her earliest memories go back to when she was 6 or 7 years old. Those early experiences, have grown in to a lifetime of fishing. Her first tournament was in 1999 with the Dallas Bass’n Gals where some of her more recent memorable fishing moments have taken place. One that stands out strongly was the year she won big bass and big stringer of the year!

Pam’s two favorite lakes are Lake Fork and Lake Sam Ray-burn. Two great Texas bass lakes known beyond the state borders for being home to some really big bass. If you have ever fished with Pam you will know when she is getting ready to set the hook. She goes into this on point stance as the first indication of a bite and once she starts the hook set, it would be wise not to be too close as you will probably end up in the water.

American Receivable Corp and Rural Electric Services Are two organizations that proudly sponsor Pam as she fishes locally with the Dallas Bass’n Gals as well as when she fishes the LBAA on various lakes across the country.

When asked about her thoughts on the LBAA, Pam was quick to say “I see the LBAA getting bigger and better every year.”

Congratulations, Pam, on your fishing career. And thanks, too, for being a big part of American Receivable's success.

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