Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Opportunity Within Reach: A World Series Story

The story of our Texas Rangers is well known. And the battle that was the 2011 World Series still is with us. It is a reminder of opportunities lost, but found again.

“We had the good fortune to be able to attend Game 6 of the World Series in Saint Louis,” Brad Gurney said. Brad is Senior Vice President of Business Development for American Receivable. Brad and Jack Stieber, President of American Receivable, were at Game 7 along with several others.

“The game was exciting but a heartbreaker, too,” Brad continued. “Just like in business, we are presented with opportunities and sometimes they work, like Josh Hamilton’s 10th-inning homer, or don’t, such as Nelson Cruz’ missed catch,” he said.

Business, like sports, is a contest of skill and endurance. At American Receivable we can help you endure the financial pressures while you practice your skills of your business.

“We enjoyed the game, but would rather have had a different outcome,” Jack said. “But like in business, we saw the good and the not so good in one day. But we reveled in the great season the Rangers had, but always hope for next year.”

If you are looking for the rest of a team to help fund, guide and manage your business, call Jack, Brad or any of the other American Receivable team at 972-404-4726 or visit our website.

The American Receivable Team

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meeting Current and Future Clients and Prospects: The 2011 Med Ventures Trade Show

It is a premier event for the medical technology industry in North Texas. The North Texas Enterprise Center for Technology ‘s (NTEC) annual MedVentures trade show and conference brings together the best and brightest in the burgeoning medical technology industry in North Texas.

“This regional early-stage investment and educational conference gave us a chance to see first hand the emerging medtech companies in the DFW Metroplex,” Brad Gurney said. “We wanted a snapshot of the potential winners in this growing sector,” he said.

Brad is Senior Vice President of American Receivable, a North Texas leader in factoring and receivable investment. Brad, along with American Receivable’s VP of Business Development Tiffany Eitel, attended and exhibited at the event. The show and conference were held October 6 at the Frisco (Texas) Convention Center.

“This one-day conference gave us the opportunity to see a number of potential investment opportunities all in one place,” Tiffany said. “We were able to have a number of substantive conversations with potential targets as well as with investment partners.”

MedVentures is an annual conference held in North Texas. American Receivable is an owner-managed financial services company that provides alternative financial options, including factoring, to small- and medium-sized companies seeking capital to grow and maintain their businesses. For more information, contact Brad, Tiffany or any of the other members of the American Receivable team at 800-297-6652.

The American Receivable Team