Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doing Lunch for a Valued Client

It is a simple thing to to do: buy your client lunch. But it gets a bit more complicated if you do it for a whole company.

But it can be really rewarding, too.

Not long ago, Brad Gurney and Anne Capps of our staff took lunch to one of our long-time clients. We wanted to say thank you to them and give them a well-deserved treat. Little did we know it would take most of a day.

Our client, Fred, is CEO of a small manufacturing firm here in North Texas. He treats his staff like family and they are intensely loyal in return. But they don’t get to take a break and have lunch or get to do it together all that often given the nature of their business.

(Because of the private nature of our industry and work, we are not using our client’s real name to protect him)

So Brad and I ordered up pizza and drinks for the staff and headed over. Our plan was to sit on the phones and man their computers while the staff enjoyed a quiet meal amongst themselves in the company break room.

We thought it would take about an hour and a half. It took 4 hours.

And Fred insisted we eat with them.

But it was a time enjoyed and appreciated by all. Our gesture was appreciated and deserved by our client. It was a simple gift we gave to them and didn’t cost all that much. And well worth the time.

Fred’s business runs on customer service and so does ours. For more information on what we do and to hear more stories like Fred’s, contact Anne Capps at 972-404-4726.

The American Receivable Team

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