Monday, August 22, 2011

Going the Extra Mile With Your Clients

Communication is the foundation to any good relationship. Nothing replaces good old face-to-face interaction.

Recently Jack Stieber, President of American Receivable, and Anne Capps, Executive Vice President, took a day away from their Dallas office to visit their clients in Houston.

“Visiting a client in person and seeing things first hand is very effective,” Jack said. “It is the best way of knowing just how things are going with a client, their business and their client relationships,” he said.

American Receivable works very closely with their clients and has for over 32 years. The company provides factoring and credit services for a number of companies in a variety of industries.

“Clients are what drive our business. The single most important part of our relationship with them is knowing that their needs and expectations are being met” said Anne Capps.

“While it helps us serve them better, it also gives us the chance to lead by example so they will develop the same kind of relationship with their clients,” Anne said. Link
Companies experiencing cash flow issues benefit from American Receivable’s factoring program in a variety of ways. By factoring, companies can meet payroll, purchase supplies and equipment or simply use the cash to pay ordinary business and operating expenses.

For more information on factoring, contact Anne, Jack or the rest of the American Receivable team at 972-404-4726.

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