Friday, March 11, 2011

Financing the Friendly Skies

When it comes to airplanes and air travel, most of us are still amazed at how something so huge could so gracefully navigate the skies. We take it for granted that these metal objects operate properly on command.

One American Receivable client knows otherwise.

Roger has serviced planes and plane engines for over 30 years. He knows first hand just how critical proper maintenance and repair of this equipment can be. Roger had been factoring his accounts receivable with American Receivable for a couple of years when he had the opportunity to expand his service with one of his largest customers to their overseas location. Not wanting to miss the opportunity Roger called American Receivable to see what could be done.

(Because of the private nature of our industry and work, we are not using our client’s real name to protect him)

American Receivable reviewed his contracts and gave Roger the green light to head overseas. They were able to structure their program with Roger in a way that would give him the cash for expenses he need to get started and to later provide him with the factoring with which he was accustomed.

Thanks to the partnership between finance professionals and airplane maintenance professionals, you can feel safe knowing the friendly skies are a little safer thanks to Roger--and American Receivable.

The American Receivable Team

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