Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SBA to help small business owners grow their business.

Many small business owners have been looking for growth capital and lines of credit to help their business grow during the past several months. Most lenders however, have been reluctant to make small business loans due to the uncertain market. As a result, many business have sought other financing sources for their business needs.

Well... there is good news for small businesses as some may benefit from a Small Business Administration loan. During the past several months new government legislation has allowed the SBA to guarantee a higher percentage of loans. These loans originate from a typical lender but are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.

Althought the higer percentage may only be a temporary fix, there are SBA loans available from a variety of banks .

Consult your local SBA office for more details or look for lenders in your community to see what SBA programs they may be offering

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